Our History

Doug Barrett and Zeke Burns co-founded OMITT Trade School in 2002 after recognizing the need in their community for true skilled training and opportunities for economic growth for people and companies. Rose Jones-Edwards joined as an equal partner in 2004. Through their tireless commitment and tenacity, OMITT has grown from is humble beginnings to the best-on-class training academy of today.

As needs for the community and students were identified, support has been made possible through the creation of a nonprofit arm, OMITT Innovative Solutions. The development of a 501(c)(3) organization allows us to partner with businesses and community organizations for social responsibility programs that provide financial support and channel creation for workforce development.

In Memory of Doug Barrett 1947-2021


Rose is a human resources professional with extensive experience in leading operations, projects, and staff in organizational development.

She excels in cross-functional teambuilding, business solutions development, and revenue.  With more than 20 years of experience in corporate and nonprofit arenas, Ms. Rose is an accomplished entrepreneur and corporate underwriting professional.

Her passion and dedication to OMITT brought the inception of OMITT Innovative Solutions, the non-profit arm that provides funding for programs and student participants. She is a facilitator for Global Career Development and Working Smart.


Zeke is an experienced professional with exceptional focus on training and technical production.  He is a team leader licensed aircraft mechanic, and accomplished technical instructor.

His areas of expertise include capital equipment installation, aviation manufacturing, and production operations. Zeke is also a prototype specialist fabricator and has specialized in the manufacture, sales, and service of punching and turning machinery. Zeke is a Vietnam War Veteran with the US Air Force. He is a Carolina AGC/NCCER certified craft instructor and is also M/WBE and SBE certified.