About Us

OMITT Trade School serves students and employers in the greater Charlotte region with best in class vocational and skilled labor training for workforce development. For more than 20 years, OMITT prepares students of all ages for career paths with high earning potential and connects businesses with proficient employees.

In conjunction with our nonprofit arm, OMITT Innovative Solutions, we seek to meet the needs of students, the workforce, and employers for the success of all. OMITT Innovation Solutions is a 501(c)(3) that partners with businesses and other organizations to create opportunities for students of all ages for the highest quality vocational training and employment preparation.


•   To provide the business community with skilled, proficient employees
•   To provide students with marketable employment skills
•   To serve as a best-in-class talent search resource


We prepare students for personal growth and high earning potential.

•   In-depth knowledge of theory
•   Hands-on application
•   Basic operating knowledge
•   Tools and equipment safety
•   Preventative maintenance
•   Troubleshooting and repair
•   Employee excellence